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Guy <3's Heidi

Guy_Heidi_Richards Yesterday was my 5 year wedding anniversary. It was a great day. It started off with 5:30am prayer group, wresting with the kids, rode with the KC Christian Skate team at PATMOS and then something I had on my list to do before I die. Have a private session with a bunch of friends in an Olympic training gym doing back flips into the foam pit. Loved it!

But the best part was getting to spend the night with my wife. I was joking all night asking, “Would we do this if we were dating?” Then my wife started. It kept us amused all night.

One of the funny things that started it off was when we were getting into my car to head out. I got in the car before my wife and forgot how much trash I had in the front seat or the quarter inch of dust on my dashboard. So I tried to get rid of it before she got in. Then laughing said “I guess I would of cleaned my car if we were still dating?”

She laughed and agreed. It was great. For those of you who are married ask yourself that question. If we were dating would I have…?

PS. For those who are interested about the painting? It was a present I gave my wife during design school because all my money was being spent on train rides and pb & j’s. This usually meant that Heidi was getting paintings for gifts.

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