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Memory – more valuable than function (Sledding with my daughter)

If you are in the Northeast, you probably woke up with a half of foot of snow this morning like I did.

We have a long driveway. So after I finished shoveling out the cars, I looked down the driveway and was faced with a decision. “I can spend the next few hours shoveling this long driveway, or I can spend the same time shoveling a ramp for my kids to go sledding down.”

I can’t remember how many times I shoveled out the driveway, but I sure can remember when we made that sledding hill last year.

So I decided to go for the sledding hill instead. :)

Because I realized that experiences are what we remember, and what create bonds.

PS. Yes, my daughter had tons of fun. I couldn’t get my son out yet. But I keep working on it after nap.

PSS. Make a memory this Christmas. Do something that’s out of your character, but will benefit others. Who knows, maybe you will go down the hill. I’m sure that will be talked about past new years.


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