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My Story

Young in life I bought into the idea MTV sold me, that if I had the money, rims and clothes I would get to a point of contentment. After a long stretch of hustling I realized the more cars I bought the more people I knew the less content my life became. I have not held back in my pursuit of contentment and still wound up worst then I started.

Until I ended up in a church because of a rare circumstance. That day I heard a story about a God who loved me and could fill the emptiness that I had been trying to fill. “I thought God only cared about those who helped old ladies cross the street, got good grades and came from wealthy families. This was not me.”

I heard about Jesus. Not the painting on my great grandmother’s wall. But of the warrior who never sinned… no lies, no drugs no j-walking. Unlike us.

The only one who could take everyone’s sins on His shoulders and still live. I found out it wasn’t the nails that held Jesus to the cross but His love for you and me. I didn’t know God would judge me when I died. I didn’t know my life was sort of like credit card terms. Buy now and pay later. I had no idea of the cost of wrong. Or the price Jesus paid to spend eternity with people. Or the reason for the discontentment that had plagued me for years.

That day I decided I wanted this Jesus. I wanted contentment, purpose, authenticity, a clear conscience and to know I would spend eternity in a place with no tears… heaven. I wanted to know what God was like. Did He really love me? Would He really communicate with me? Would He answer when I asked Him?

I said to God “if You show me Your real I will sell out my whole life.” He has shown me and given me peace and a love for people I have never had. With this knowledge of how to get right with God I have a desire to help unclutter the noise of this world that blurs people from the only truth. The truth that will set you free from the war that rages between your ears.

There are a lot of people that misrepresent God. Don’t let that paint the image you see Him as. I challenge you to seek Him. Pursue Him, He will answer. And if you want to talk about how to know God on a personal level like I shared, send me a message.

Clients We Have Helped

  • RZIM
  • Billy Graham
  • ECFA
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