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Over the last few months I have been burdened with building a plan to “affect millions of organizations to develop billions of people to live authentic Spirit-led lives for Jesus Christ.”

Trust me, I realize this dream is a long shot impossible. But looking at how God has transformed my life, and the gifts He has given me, I have decided that there is no better thing I would rather pour my life into (under my relationship with God and my family).

After looking at the number of non-profits there are in existences, 1.5 million, I realize that it is highly unlikely that the number is large enough for us to influence 66% of to accelerate Kingdom impact.

But, when I look at the numbers of Christians that have been identified, roughly a third of the world. It leads me to believe that there are enough in prominent positions in business that have the ability to make Kingdom impact.

So, I’m pioneering out with a rough plan to hold this light I have been entrusted with as high as I can, in hopes of encouraging and influencing as many Christian marketplace leaders as I can. That is why the title of this blog has changed from “Ordinary life with a brand strategist” to “6-Days Brand, 1-Day Ministry.”

I believe God can use our team to accomplish this, but if He doesn’t, I’m still going for it.

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Prv. 3:5-6

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