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Design without Value

I have had my hand in about 75 rebrands in the last 5 years. What I see time and time again is design without value.

Redesigning a brandmark (logo), marketing material, ad campaigns and website’s main purpose should be to catch the eye of the media and consumer to communicate value over the other competitors. It also reinvigorates employees to be proud of the place they work and sends the message that “yes, we are relevant and growing.” But if there is not a distinctive value being offered behind the hype then the product/service is still a commodity in a great wrapper.

Soon the buzz of the new design will fade and the company will be worse then when they started.

In the beginning of the year Tropicana, who has invested years into brand recognition redesigned their visual identity? The new brandmark was less readable. Consumers didn’t recognize it as Tropicana and sales fell. Soon they realized the redesign was a bad idea and scraped it.

They could of saved a lot of face plus millions in execution if they identified that their value was in product recognition.

People shopping for a product are likely to compare once. After that the buying decision becomes mindless and they “do what they have always done.”

Don’t skip discovery and strategy or execution will cost more than you want to pay.

Clients We Have Helped

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  • Billy Graham
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