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Logo Reputation

On Saturday I was getting the oil changed in my wife’s van and found a Hyundai ad in Newsweek. The ad states “The truth is, logos don’t really do much of anything.” Then they go on to state “They don’t make you cooler. They don’t make the product better. In fact, a logo means nothing. Unless, of course, the company behind it means something.”

This sounds good, we all want to think this way as Christians, but this is not true. I have led rebrands that have sent companies and ministries intrigue levels through the roof. I have seen a start up company catch the eye of a large investment company and go global in under 18 months and I can go on and on. I do agree that an organization must be aligned with what it projects as an identity or it will eventual disappoint people.

But this Hyundai ad is trying something totally different here. Think about what Hyundai is known for, “inexpensive cars.” Well, in the last few years they have been trying hard to compete in the middle class market. But one problem they will always deal with is the former reputation they built. Chances are very likely that Hyundai will never compete against Honda and Toyota let alone BMW or Mercedes.

GMC did a focus group to see how adding a large SUV to their line would do. It failed, because people couldn’t believe GMC could pull it off. Well, they started another company and built the large SUV and it took off. It’s called Hummer. What we can learn here is that if your McDonalds don’t try to set up a high-end restaurant or if your Wal-Mart don’t try to sell designer clothes. It’s just doesn’t fit your reputation.

Well just thoughts. Here are some logo’s I’ve designed and directed.

To see what some of these companies looked like before, click here. Abiah case studies.




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