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Creating Community

Have you ever wondered what kills a brand? I think constantly about this. But I spend most of my thought on the other side of this question. What builds a brand?

On Sunday I was flying from Phoenix into Philadelphia. It was during the Eagles second playoff game and it was a full plane. Usually on a packed plane people are in their own world. It the beta mindset. But not on this flight.

The pilot realized their must be Eagles fans on the flight. Knowing we don’t have contact to the outside world he decided to step up and wear both the pilots hat the game announcers. With regular updates on plays and the score. The passengers bonded. They “booed,” cheered and talked with their neighbor.

Want to create community in your brand?
Step out of the executive office
Talk to the passions of your employees and market
Let them speak back

Never forget people’s greatest need is to belong. 
Thumb typed from my phone in the dentist chair (waiting for the doc) Creating Community

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