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Assessing Your Client’s Future

Assessing your client’s/brand’s future is a tricky thing. You must not put too much weight on what your client says until you have determined their behavior matches.

Because I’m pretty vocal about being a Christian, I get clients who seem to give me answers that don’t match. I believe it’s because they want to influence me to view them as great people. We as humans naturally want people to like us.

Let me give you an example. When assessing a client I usually ask them… what three goals would like to achieve before you die? And they say:

1. Have our business increase by 10 times while having minimal responsibility.

2. Travel more.

3. And…aaa…build housing for underprivileged kids.

Well, I would say their only business motive is wealth so it can support an affluent lifestyle. With this motive their brand will have no engaging goal to tackle. Their employees will see through the lack of leadership and the brand will almost always fall in the middle of the competitive pack because the ownership won’t want to risk profitability on innovation.

The rule of thumb in assessing a brands situation is: listen to opinions but make diagnostics determinations on factual behavior.

Most people can’t articulate why they make the choices they do because they’re not in touch with their subconscious motivational drivers. So, they tell you what you want to hear or what they think should be the write answer.

Clients We Have Helped

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