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Brand vs. Bottom-line Focused Organizations

From my experience I believe there are two main mindsets that lead all organizations,  “brand focused organizations” and “bottom-line focused organizations.”

The difference between these two mindsets leads to two very different outcomes.

Bottom-line Focused Organization
The bottom-line focused organization’s primary concern is here and now. They think… “How can we profit the most off of every transaction, even if we have to use pressure to squeeze the last penny out of a customer/donor.“

This organization will soon go under or fade to the background of the market as a result of disappointed customers/donors sharing their experience with friends and family (and these days Facebook and forums).

Brand Focused Organization
The brand focused organization’s main goal is a great reputation that drives profitable sustainability. They think… “How can we please our customers/donors by consistently giving them a great service/product and an unexpected experience, even if we financially breakeven in some situations.”

This organization will slowly build a great brand reputation and secure a top position in the market while sustaining the loyalty of a base of advocates who will not consider another option.

What is the focus of the organization you work for, want to work for, lead or do business with?

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