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What do we measure? Everything!

We measure how our day is going by our previous experiences of great days we’ve had. Interbrand measures the Top 100 Global Brands and Outreach measures the top 100 Fastest Growing Churches. Every measurement taken has a reference point of worst and best, even if the lines are a little blurry.

It’s really simple. Some people will say, “Well, at least I’m not as bad as…” While others stay in the middle of the indicators, hoping not to stir the pot.

But then, there are those who are not satisfied with the worst and best case scenario. These people have an internal drive that is far greater than those around them. They set their own standard of “GREAT,” which the world has yet to see.

It’s only when a gifted visionary can paint the canvas of “GREAT” that “GREAT” can be achieved. Which pushes the bar of best-case scenario forever.

No longer does the innovations of the competition bring this person fret. It’s because the measurement this person is running off of is so far ahead of the standard that they are looking to God for what is possible.

What is your life’s measurement standard, worst to best? Or is it hard to explain because it’s so far past best that you are redefining the standard daily?

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