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Branding States (3 License Plates / 3 Value Statements)

Distinguishing your brand or even a state in a few words is a challenge because it’s usually hard for the leadership the pick one statement to communicate. 


Common viewpoints on what to communicate:

1. We need to let people know what we do.

            Minnesota – “10,000 Lakes” (We do lakes)


2. We need to let people know what we have done.

            North Carolina – “First in Flight” (We were innovative)


3. We need to let people know how we think.

            New Hampshire – “Live Free or Die” (We live fearless)


These methods are common but not always right in every situation.


Here’s a strategy I use that works well. First figure out who is the group of people that are “adamant” about what you sell. Then define how they think, and why what you sell is apart of their lifestyle (This group is just the trendsetters).


When you figure this out then you can start to identify what this group sees as value when buying, associating or linking their cart to yours.


Please pick only the top 3 things they value then prioritize them in order of importance.


Minnesota’s trendsetter’s prioritized values maybe:

1. Secluded fishing

2. Open waterways

3. Lakefront property


Once you have this information you can then position your core message and your offerings.


PS. It may sound weird but I have found that positioning your brand to your trendsetters will insure a wider reach with less “cost-per-sale.” Even know your trendsetters make up about 10% of your market the majority of the other 90% seem to follow.



I have no hard facts on these numbers, just my experience.

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