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Sorry…Only One Message Per Brand

In a shaky economy brands try crazy things. Make sure you understand the risks of character permission if you are thinking of extending your offerings under the same brand name.

Big brand, small brand or individual, everyone only gets one message per brand.

It would be a failed attempt if Sony who is known for technology announced that they would be using their brand name to expand into the diaper business.

Say you had a friend who was a hippy who followed Phish around. One day he came to you wearing saggy pants, talked with the “I want to be a rapper voice” and told you his new favorite artist is Jay-Z. Would you take him serious? (That made me laugh.)

Businesses can branch out but depending on the offering it may require establishing a new brand. Procter and Gamble is a master at this. They own Tide and Duracell. Tide can’t cell batteries and Duracell can’t sell laundry detergent.

Make sure your brand has the character permission of the market if you are thinking of expanding.

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