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The little blue box / Tiffany & Co.


What can we learn from that little blue box? It has been the star in movies… made women crazy… and left men empty pocketed.

Tiffany & Co. knows something! They know that people buy with their hearts more than their heads. They have built a perception of luxury through every consumer touch point.


They have created an experience that makes the consumer feel like a millionaire even if they shoveled snow all week to buy an $85 Mesh Ring for their girl friend. (Yes, many years back in college this was my story. She is now my wife.)


It’s the stories we tell ourselves and feelings we associate with the things we purchase. Who do you know that wouldn’t want the best of anything if you took price out of the conversation?


In all reality what Tiffany & Co. is selling is not jewelry but a lifestyle, status and confidence. The statement from a man to a women is “I love you enough to give you the best” (Which isn’t always true). The jewelry is just the symbol of the feelings being sold.


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