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What’s Next… Accelerate, Reposition or Recreate your Brand?

After a period of time the leadership at any large organization asks themselves: How does the public view us? And, how can we enhance our value?

Here is a simple solution:

If your brand name is being positively retweeted 10 times more than you are putting it out, you need to accelerate.

If your employees talk about your brand’s accomplishments in the past tense, you need to reposition.

If your clients are now the clients of your competitor, you need to recreate.

Think of the brands that have maintained relevance and value over the years. Coke is more than a 100 years old but still makes people feel young. Heinz has been around for decades but still is the icon of ketchup. Mickey Mouse who is older than my grandfather still captures hearts of children.

All great brands have one thing in common, leaders who view their brand as an asset that must be stewarded.

Brands are not static. They have a living, breathing character that needs to be maintained or else you will reach the end of its life-cycle.


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  • RZIM
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