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The One-Day Hunt for the Orange Wrapper!

Today millions will scurry from house to house it hopes of finding the orange wrapper. They will share tips, with passing friends to which houses are suspected to have them.

Sure, there will be yellow, red and brown wrappers. But the orange wrapper will be the one talked about like a stock trading secret, just low enough to be communicated, but not loud enough to be over heard.

Today is the day! The hunt is on! Many will be disappointed on this day, but others will be delighted. The successful ones will find the double. The big game hunters will walk away with the trophy of the quad pack.

Yes, I’m talking about the infamous Reese’s’ Cups.

The Hershey’s Reese’s Cup is a cash cow. Sure others can make a peanut butter cup, it may even taste the same, but people still want the real thing.

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