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Branding For-profit Philanthropy

The consumption decade has now birthed a socially aware generation that has fixed its heart on making a global difference.

A pioneer of this business philanthropy movement who was one of the first to captivate a national audience was Extreme Makeover Home Edition. They brought corporate Brands, local businesses and the community together to rally around a greater cause. To increase the life quality of a family in need.

Today we don’t hear about Extreme Makeover Home Edition as much. But the idea of for-profit philanthropy is catching momentum.

The most noticeable is Tom’s shoes. In less than four years the company has gained rapid word-of-mouth growth from its supporters. Even corporate giant AT&T has grabbed a piece of this movement, positioning Toms’ owner, Blake Mycoskie on their commercials.

In branding for-profit philanthropy, the greater the cause, the more realistic the mission, the more your supporters will tell your story. The more your story is told, the less you pay for marketing and the more you give to make a difference.

PS. As long as everyone else isn’t doing the same!

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