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Forced Change

Unknown, well known, big, small, for-profit, non-profit and even DJs are not immune to getting stuck in the rut of doing the things “the way they always have done them.”

Just my theory but the hard part of anything is the journey of learning something. Once it’s learned your process starts to get quicker and mindless to do. Overhead costs decrease and profit margins increase. In all actuality, this is the way any business became great.

The problem is markets shift and consumer interests are directed at innovation. As long as you are the one innovating you are leading the pack. But more times then not innovation is forgotten in the reach for larger margins.

Years ago a DJ in the Philadelphia, New York area became very known. He had his set and didn’t venture too far from it, until an unexpected change. He caught a taxi and left all his records in the cab and they were never returned. This hometown hero of a DJ then was forced to venture outside of his comfort zone. He succeeded and became more popular.

The problem with anything is after you have experienced it once there is not much need to return unless it’s an essential part of living like food etc.

So push your process!

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