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Missing $17,000 (TD Bank)

For those new to the blog, my viewpoint is that word-of-mouth is the strongest advertising. You only create it when you are either horrible or great.


Commerce now TD Bank is my bank. I have been with them for 10+ years and I have been an advocate of their convenient hours and no hassle online banking.


I influenced my friend to switch banks. He did. Last week I received a call saying that he deposited a check for $17,000 that TD lost (because of a systems change). They said it would be fixed day after day for about a week. Needless to say he switched banks.

Now What?

Me, like many others who has been an influential voice for TD has been slapped in the face with the reality of this mistake. The only way for TD to make lemonade out of this is for them to prove that regardless of their mistake they have integrity. (Everyone makes mistakes. How they are handled defines their character.)

My Suggestions (to make right with all victims of the systems change):

1. Send a manager of TD residences to personally apologize

2. Send a hand written apology card with a restaurant gift certificate. At least enough to cover a dinner for two.

3. Deposit a $100 in the bank accounts of everyone who was directly affected.

If TD goes with number three they won’t have to worry about investing hundreds of thousands in PR. This tactic will make it’s own headlines… and probably cost less.

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