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People who Bounce

All people are born with a bend towards selfless ambition. Parents don’t have a problem teaching their kids to do wrong; it’s a natural tendency. We do not have temptation to good, but bad.

We are all born with a void. In my own life I have filled this void with everything I could that I thought would bring me peace. In the past I have pursued money, drugs, cars and sexual indulgences. I wanted to feel contentment, love and to reach a point of arrival. This pursuit left me worse off then when I started.

But there is something amazing that happens when God takes a life like mine, patches the void and turns it around. Takes a kid from hustling crack to loving people.

In the movie Cars, Lighting McQueen was only focused on himself. He was winning races, had the girl cars chasing him, sponsors paying him and the favor of spectators. It wasn’t until he was arrested and was forced to pave the road he broke that he became aware of what reality was and started to care about others. The perfect picture of this inside change was at the end of the race when McQueen stopped before the finish line and forfeited his win to help his hurt friend.

People who have hit the bottom and given a second chance are more likely to define success as inspiring others.


Fill your brand with people who have been given a second chance. There will be no lack of purpose on your team.


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