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Story… a value proposition?

I spent the morning at my friends granite and marble shop. He just opened a retail showroom. As I looked around and talked with his team I realized he was not presenting a value proposition. From a consumers perspective this company was no more than a distributor reselling the same products as those competitors around them.

But my friend has something his competitors don’t have… he just didn’t realize it mattered. In the last three years he has been the subcontractor who has installed stone at the National Capital in Washington DC, JFK Airport, Lowe’s Corporate Center and the list goes on and on.

Yes, a story is an intangible but we as people say to our self…”if this company has done that, it must be something truly special about them.” This establishes confidence, which equals value.

I can get granite counters from many people in my area but I can only get them from one place that has installed stone at the US Capital.

Think about the conversation starter that is at your next dinner party.


Company #1: Product + Fare Price + Good Service = Commodity
Company #2: Product + Fare Price + Good Service + Great Story = Leader

You may not have a portfolio like my friend but you do have a special story that increases your value. What is it?

(PS. The story must be presented from a standpoint of humility not pride.)

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