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Marketing and Branding in the New Day of Christian Retail


IMG_4906 Thanks for everyone who gave me insight on the survey I did in preparation for the workshop I taught at the ICRS show. It was my first public workshop I held.


Here is an overview of the workshop. I explained to the retailers that their competition “IS” Amazon, Borders and Barns & Noble but they are not the enemy. They are still being used by God to reach the lost. It’s like Paul said that he rejoiced when the Gospel was preached even if it was out of wrong motives.

I then told them that the Christian retail ministry is much different then it was 10 years ago. It has now changed with the secular Big-Boxes and Online Giants seeing Christian retail as a profitable business. And that they need to realize they are only competing with them on the front list books. I also touched base on the concept of the “lost leader” (where stores will sell a book at cost to drive foot traffic to sell other product.) And if they want to differentiate they have to communicate the value of their knowledge and experience that the Big-Box or the Online Giant struggle with.



Then I gave them techniques of our proprietary “Brand Alignment” process and talked about specific marketing strategies that can be implemented at low cost like inspiring verses in each customers bag with the stores logo on the back. Warming up the environment with deeper colors and pairing front list and back list books together selling one at cost and the other at profit to build loyalty, credibility and drive traffic. Becoming more relevant and consistent through every customer touch point.

At the end I started running them through visioning questions so they could regain their focus.

I also shared my story, passion and encouraged them to lead like David in 1 Sam. 17. When Saul and his army were scared to fight for 40 days until David set the vision and mission and fought to reach it. Only then did the army jump the battle line to fight. 

Besides a few people crying the comments mainly came back as outstanding content and presentation.


“Guy is very focused and totally sold out to the Lord, PASSIONATE & REAL!” “GREAT NEW INFORMATION, VERY MOTIVATIONAL” Mary Pawula – Seeds @ Willow Creek Church, Il
“The word of God is the basis of Guys presentation” – Dacia Brown-Davis, New Path Associates
“Has a wealth of info, very engaging” – George Brown, Bible Society W.I.
“Inspiring and relevant” – Chris Delaney, Generation Entertainment
“Passionate for Christ in his work” – Marie Lowery, Essentials Resource Center
“Very relevant, on target” – Joshua Williams, The Salt Shaker Bookstore
“A lot of great new ideas” – Jennifer Hulbert, Beauty for Ashes
“On fire” – Laura Shipper
“Very passionate and easy to listen to” “Energetic” -Farrley Lafferty, Inspiration Ministries
“Very dynamic” – Brenda Tenison, South Hills Bible Chapel


Thanks everyone for your prayers and input. This was a team effort and could not of been done with out you.

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