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#1 holds a lot of weight if it’s specifically tied to a scorecard that your market is concerned about.

But when a brand makes a general claim like, “ we are the #1 fast food restaurant.”  This indicator reveals that they don’t get it, because they haven’t determined what they are ranking to come up with the assumption that they are #1.

They probably made this claim because someone on the board spun a number that led them to believe that the market would care if they said they are #1.

You can flip through any phonebook in the US and find multiply “best” or “#1” self-acclaimed brands of anything. People now a days are becoming lethargic to this message.

If a brand is number #1, it is because all your friends and family are talking about it. Not because the company says so.

The top four indicators a brand should be monitoring:

  1. Product and/or service value compared to all competitors from the client/donors perspective
  2. Client/donor loyalty by percentage and compared to your historical data
  3. Market share compared to which competitors are increasing or decreasing
  4. Internal engagement by percentage and compared to your historical data

PS. I have found that if you want to claim a value proposition it is best to weave it through story. It comes across better.

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