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10 Secrets of Successful Fundraisers / Free e-book

Hi Everyone,

Below is a link to a short e-book from my good friend Jerry Twombly. Jerry is one of the world leaders in Non-profit fundraising. He has helped organizations like Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, Campus Crusade. His heart is to stop the estimated 30% of Christian non-profits from going under in the next year. Please pass this along.

Jerry Twombly NOTE FROM JERRY-
My new book titled 10 Secrets of Successful Fundraisers is now available for immediate download. You can secure your free copy now by clicking on this link: 10 Successful Fundraisers

This 26 page book is filled with practical steps that anyone can apply immediately and be assured of dramatic results.  Follow the time honored principles and your organization will flourish in its efforts to increase annual giving while posturing you for intermediate and long term success. 

And while you are at it, would you pass on the link to a friend in the business of raising funds?  If you maintain a website or personal blog, feel free to add the link as a service to others.  My goal is to help as many organizations as possible in their efforts to maintain viability in this challenging economic environment.  Thanks for your willingness to consider being a part of my distribution team!

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