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Commodity or Value

The difference between a commodity and a brand of value is not more than a few degrees.


The small gap between blurred vision, disengagement, fear of change and plunging profit margins.


Take gas for example. I was coming back from a meeting in an area I wasn’t familiar with. Because my gauge was plummeting past empty I pulled into the first gas station on my route home. It was raining and the attendant pumping was using an umbrella as he shuffled from car to car (yes, in New Jersey we don’t pump).


As the attendant was waiting for my car to fill, he went inside the building that was about 25 feet away to stay dry. Not knowing every minute that I was sitting there was one more minute I wasn’t being productive back at the office.


I came to this conclusion. That if I was a local, I would never come to this station. I would invest in one that had a roof, because a roof means I’m more productive in my life.


Roof or no roof? The difference between a value brand and a commodity.

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