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Mr. Startup

Don’t trade longevity for velocity.

The biggest lie I bought into, is that we as startups have to come out with guns blazing using a 100% of our resources to make a splash upfront.

Time and time again I have witnessed startups go out of business because of this strategy. They buy into the idea that they can build a reputation overnight that will drive sustainable margins. To their demise resources dry up and they are back looking for a job.

Velocity is not a bad thing if you have the capital. But unfortunately most of us don’t have unlimited resources.

The best bet for any organization is not to trade longevity for velocity. Focus on relationships, let those relationships build and make delivering trust a priority.

There are big businesses that have been built as a result of longevity. Chick-fil-a was started in a converted home and McDonald’s first built a great reputation off of one stand.

What was that saying about Rome…?

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