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Reshaping Our Creatives

My daughter was talking on a make believe phone. As she was talking she said to my wife. “I’m click to the next row.” It was her way of say she was using call waiting.

My wife quickly corrected her and said, “It’s not the next row, it’s clicking over to the next line.” This made me realize how the majority of our population tries to mold our “creative people” to be more like “us.” But in all historic reality, it is our creative people that really lead (innovate) the way.

I’m strongly for teaching my kids right and truly love my wife, but I just can’t turn my brain off. It may be because I had parents who would let me put mustard on my graham crackers, share crazy stories and tell me I could do anything.

My daughter could be the person you view as the crazy idea gal in the next cubical or your general manager that has a hundred ideas a month. Instead of trying to reshape their creative viewpoint, figure out a way to leverage it. Because, their viewpoint may lead to an opportunity that will excel your brand, career or blog far past what you could do on your own.

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