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The Mask

You may have noticed the General Mills commercials ripping on Kashi. If you are like me, you laugh at the commercials because you can’t believe that anything General Mills sells could be healthier than Kashi, regardless of what they say.

Let me share some disappointing news, Kashi is owned by Kellogg. Yes, the same people who make Frosted Flakes. For Kellogg to communicate through Kashi a passion for an organic lifestyle while they pump sugary flakes through their other brand is a value issue.

Kellogg would never be believable if they came out with the same wholegrain options they sell through Kashi. But because the market craved a healthy option they figured out a way to create a platform of empathy to sell the product from.

Although this strategy works it has the possibility to backfire if the client base finds out and has another option to switch too. But more likely this will create a monopoly that will hold consumers captive.

This is just me, but I wish brands didn’t do this. I know it works, but values to me mean that you would hold to them even in an unfavorable situation.

As a follower of Kashi, I’m let down.

When will brands stand for what they believe then worry who will come?

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