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Category: Best Global Brands

2008 “Best Global Brands” Ranking by Interbrand

Not sure if you have seen the 2008 “Best Global Brands” ranking by Interbrand yet. It was released about a week ago. It’s a must see if you haven’t or don’t know about it. Coca-Cola is still leading the world and growing. And all but one financial company has decreased since last year. I guess ...Continue Reading...

REBRAND 100® Global Award

I’m excited to announce that Abiah has been selected along with Nike, Walmart and Delta Air Line as a 2010 REBRAND 100® Global Awards Winner for the work we did for AMI. This is Abiah’s third REBRAND 100® Global Award. You can read the write up from REBRAND 100® below. And if you click on ...Continue Reading...

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  • RZIM
  • Billy Graham
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