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Category: Brand Delivery

Two Ways

There is only two ways to get people talking about your brand. Deliver a great product and/or service to the market that no one else is doing. Or, deliver a horrible product and/or service to the market that everyone is doing....Continue Reading...

Race for the Systems

What systems (that are uncreated at this point) would allow you to offer more value to your market than any of your competitors? This is a great place to start. Especially in this market....Continue Reading...

Sustainability, the creative and the gatekeeper

So many good and innovate products never get global, national or even regional distribution. It’s as if the creators of these great products are at war with the channel distribution gatekeepers. The channel gatekeepers understand that profitable sustainability is what is needed, but the creators reject this mentality because they do it for the love ...Continue Reading...

Less is best…as long as you have great content

Great Content + Short Delivery = Powerful Message Great Content + Long Delivery = Soggy Message In the day we live timing is everything. If a YouTube video is 30 seconds too long, I bounce off. If I’m on the phone with someone and they are rambling, I start clipping my toe nails (I got ...Continue Reading...

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  • RZIM
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