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Category: Brand Diagnostics

Assessing Your Client’s Future

Assessing your client’s/brand’s future is a tricky thing. You must not put too much weight on what your client says until you have determined their behavior matches. Because I’m pretty vocal about being a Christian, I get clients who seem to give me answers that don’t match. I believe it’s because they want to influence ...Continue Reading...

Brand vs. Bottom-line Focused Organizations

From my experience I believe there are two main mindsets that lead all organizations,  “brand focused organizations” and “bottom-line focused organizations.” The difference between these two mindsets leads to two very different outcomes. Bottom-line Focused OrganizationThe bottom-line focused organization’s primary concern is here and now. They think… “How can we profit the most off of ...Continue Reading...

Clear Perspective on Current Reality

Working with both large and small brands I have found one thing that changes everything, the outcomes, the budgets, the to-do-lists and most importantly the results. The one thing is a clear perspective on current reality. It is being able to truthfully overhaul the brand as a whole, from both inside and outside. Here are ...Continue Reading...


What do we measure? Everything! We measure how our day is going by our previous experiences of great days we’ve had. Interbrand measures the Top 100 Global Brands and Outreach measures the top 100 Fastest Growing Churches. Every measurement taken has a reference point of worst and best, even if the lines are a little ...Continue Reading...

Clients We Have Helped

  • RZIM
  • Billy Graham
  • ECFA
  • Younglife
  • Moody