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Category: Business Strategy

Checkered Flag

Well, you’re almost past the checkered flag of 09. Step back and ask your closest friends to evaluate your last year through their eyes. Then adjust from their input, and charge your dream with a greater passion than you ever have....Continue Reading...

When you feel the pain

Your skin doesn’t burn when you don’t have a cut, but when you have a cut, even water makes it hurt. The problem most organizations run into is not identifying core problems until it’s too late. Yes, we all run to the immediate need like a surface cut. But the more important issues that steamroll ...Continue Reading...

Monetizing Psychology

What psychology is floating around your consumers/donors that if you knew about could capitalize on? I was getting gas at Wawa and noticed a sign on the pump that said, “Same Price – Cash or Credit.” I said to myself, “I know.”  But then I realized that this could be an issue for them. People ...Continue Reading...

Swedish Fish

Welcome to my head. I was having a hard time with a box of Swedish Fish. It led me to think how Swedish Fish are like a bad economy or a problem, and our teeth are like our brands. The more patchwork we have in our mouth, the easier it is to lose a filling. ...Continue Reading...

Help your client own it!

A strategist can have a great idea but unless the leader adopts it, it goes nowhere. Or a strategist can have an ok idea that the leader adopts that takes off. A challenging part of being a strategist is that you have to get the leader to own your idea. Depending on the client, I ...Continue Reading...

Be scared when you are growing!

Be scared when your organization is growing but your product/service, which once led your market is now been passed by the competition. This means that the tail of your market (early majority and late majority) is coming through your pipeline. This group will soon follow the early adopters who have moved from your brand to ...Continue Reading...

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