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Category: Church Strategy

Who is Hope and Direction

Hi everyone,God has really been showing me how short time is. As most of you know we recently opened up our ministry division of abiah. This division helps ministries build their brand through visual identities and communication strategies around outreach and discipleship. We have been working hard for the last 3 months on "Ministry Brand ...Continue Reading...

Relational Influence

Time has been blowing by. In the last three weeks I have been hanging out with my daughter Brighton a lot, because my wife Heidi has been taking care of our newborn Canyon. I have watched how the dynamic of my relationship with my daughter has grown. Before this she seems to favor my wife. ...Continue Reading...

God Given Vision / Rick Warren

I’m sorry everyone. I know I should be writing on brand strategy more but it seems so much easier to talk about what the Lord is doing. Anyway, here is a blend of both. Jerry and I were running an executive brand strategy session this last weekend. After the first day Jerry told me he ...Continue Reading...

Clients We Have Helped

  • RZIM
  • Billy Graham
  • ECFA
  • Younglife
  • Moody