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Category: Creating Culture

Proud to know brand ordinary!?

There is an emotional prize in being associated with a brand that is great before the rest of the world knows it’s great. People thrive off of the esteem that they knew about X before you did. But I have never heard of someone who passionately claimed that they knew about a brand that was ...Continue Reading... / Brilliant Idea

A guy I know is part of a group who came up with an idea to collect unused gift cards to put them in the hands of those who could use a little help. Brilliant, right? Jeff and Andrea Shinabarger co-founded with two friends and now have an opportunity to receive a $25k grant ...Continue Reading...

Bye, bye yellow pages

I found what looks like a mini phonebook on my porch today. It’s about 2/3 the size of a sheet of paper. They are disintegrating (to become reduced to components) right before our eyes. Besides hearing my grandmother this week say she could find a number in the “yellow pages,” I rarely hear the word ...Continue Reading...

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