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Who is real these days?

My wife and I watched Batman recently. What I noticed is a huge progression in authenticity. The plot of the story compared to the majority of action movies and past Batman movies was very believable and down to earth. Or at least for Hollywood. I believe this is because they know that this current generation ...Continue Reading...

Warren, McCain, Obama

I just watched the Saddleback Civil Forum on Fox (see pictures.) I have to say it was the best use of time I have ever spent trying to discern core values of presidential candidates. God is really using Pastor Rick Warren. He swung hard, asking questions around Jesus being their Savior, where they stand on abortion ...Continue Reading...

Global Village

We no longer live on 7 continents but in a global village. What are you doing to restructure your deliverables and approach to take advantage of the new opportunities? Thanks for the inspiration Dr. Trimm...Continue Reading...

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