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Category: Leadership

Let go, pick up, charge!

Almost everyone has something that they should let go of, something they should pick up and a direction they should charge after. Here is an exercise I have adapted from Bob Pike. Spend the next 6 minutes, 2 minutes per questions in a quite place with a pen a paper. Ask God: What should I ...Continue Reading...

Conquering Passion

I heard an insightful statement from Lloyd Pulley that I would love to share. “You can only conquer a passion with a greater passion.” It can be a negative passion for a positive passion. Or, a positive for a negative.   I working towards conquering my negatives for the positives. &nbs...Continue Reading...

Chaos and Gaps

When the leader is physically or emotionally absent, chaos runs wild. I heard a story this morning about a mom who would leave her three young daughters home for days on end. There was not just physical neglect but emotional. The lady has about 17 children from who knows how many men. During the mothers ...Continue Reading...

My Dad (shaped by the ordinary)

My family has a mechanic shop. When I was 9 my dad would make me sweep these greasy floors for $7 a day. No matter how many times I swept them they would not come clean. I hated when I would hear him knock on my door around 7:00am. He would basically force me to ...Continue Reading...

A day with Bobb Biehl

I spent the listening to Bobb Biehl in Orlando today. Here is one of the most insightful things I heard him say. “Confidence is a by-product of predictability.” The more predictability, the more confidence, the less blurry things seem. The less predictability, the less confidence, the more blurry things seem....Continue Reading...

Stress and Destination

I was using my GPS today and realized how it has alleviated my stress of getting lost and judging time. It has a little box on the bottom left that tells me the exact time I will make it to my destination beside the lady guiding me step-by-step. Before this device I would anxiously be ...Continue Reading...

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