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Category: Livin for the Lord

What I put on David’s Rock!

Do you ever wonder what I put on David’s rock to give it such accuracy, such power, such heart that it’s still talked about today? A simple thing as a rock, to take out the world’s top warrior. Yes, I did it! I used this week boy with a sling and a small smooth stone ...Continue Reading...

$30,000… in 18 hours / Eternal Impact

Jon Acuff, a funny but average guy (except he has a blog following of 70,000 – 95,000 per month) has decided to not drum up money to be able to quit his day job at, but leverage his network to build two kindergarten buildings in Vietnam. The $60,000 project started out as a goal ...Continue Reading...

Jesus Christ… a curse word?

To some, His name is merely a word of exasperation. To others, His name means good man. But to me, His name means friend, brother, trainer, teacher, shoulder to cry on, protector, love of my life, the one who has never lost a battle, I would never want as an opponent,my King,my Lord,my Savior. His ...Continue Reading...

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