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Category: Opportunity

Walking Away

The mental price of not doing something that I think I had a good chance of completing is worst than walking away with a bloody nose....Continue Reading...

Calibrated by Purpose

It is easy to get off course from the glitters of the horizon when you don’t have one main priority that calibrates the direction of your life. Just like a pilot who sees a brilliant sunset or a majestic mountain range in the distance can be persuaded to drift course to see their beauty. Even ...Continue Reading...

Poor Pizza Shop…Shift, Baby Shift

When I was growing up there was a pizza place in the mall near my house, that had a well known name. Actually, it’s still in that mall, about a mile from my house, but rarely do you hear its name. It’s because the mall it’s in was once a hot bed for traffic. But ...Continue Reading...

Brand opportunity…Leadership or Followship?

Opportunity comes and goes, but the person who grabs it succeeds. Tonight my wife screamed…”SPIDER,” and I had to quickly take hold of the opportunity, find something to swish it with before that little spider was under the baseboard and gone. It had me think how all opportunity is the same way. When opportunity comes, ...Continue Reading...

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