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Category: Social Media

Seth Godin Vs. Donald Trump

Seth doesn’t have a TV presence, nor does he run a Fortune 500. But if he had the opportunity (which, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t agree too) to be on the Apprentice, he would win the fundraising competitions without leaving the hotel. Regardless of the mass amount of mainstream celebrities selling cupcakes in Times Square. ...Continue Reading...

Social Strategy and Return

I’m excited to report that for the last few months we (Abiah) have quietly piloted a range of social strategy initiatives that are now an extension of Abiah’s research and brand development services. In the first week in January we started working with the CLA (Christian Leadership Alliance) as part of our social strategy initiative. ...Continue Reading...

FOURSQUARE (emerging business strategy)

When a business can become the hub of culture, their brand value and cash register will show. Imagine your retail store becoming a center attraction. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, a media company has figured it out. Foursquare has created a tool that runs off mobile devices that allow members to check in local places ...Continue Reading...

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