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Category: Strategic Pricing

Strategic Pricing

    I was talking to a printer a few days ago for about a job we were doing. While I had him on the phone I asked him to ball park another job for me. That’s when the “brace yourself” dialog started. He proceed to tell me how the print industry is currently running at ...Continue Reading...

The Glass Sales Pitch

I received a call from a company that sets up networking meetings between brand development firms and large brands looking to hire. The sales guy told me that we (Abiah) were hand selected by a team of experts that believe we are a great match for this group of brands. He went on to explain ...Continue Reading...

Price It In The Basement

Price is a great conversation starter. I have been helping a friend who launched a small retail shop. His challenge is to become known in his area, but he doesn’t have the money to take the traditional approach (commercials, direct mail, large events, etc.). Money or no money, he does have two things, product that ...Continue Reading...

$$$ are you crazy?

I was looking at a dirtbike at a yard sale this weekend. It was priced so high I didn’t care to look at anything else in the yard because I figured that would be priced high too. What is the first product/service you sell that your market notices? How does the pricing compare to your ...Continue Reading...

Value Increases Through Experience

Rarely do people start off purchasing the best BMW. They first buy a lower end model and as they “mentally buy into” the brand, they upgrade. (Unless you are like my friend Angelo Pericci who buys the top of the line everything.) But for the most part people will spend their money on what they ...Continue Reading...

Desire is more important than size

Houses are priced by size, but quickly increase or decrease depending on the property they’re built on. It’s the same with fashion, technology, machinery and anything else that can be traded, stolen, sold or bought. The key is to define the desire of your market. Then continually push the innovation of your offerings to keep ...Continue Reading...

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