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Category: Sunday Insights

God appoints each person’s work

“God in heaven appoints each person’s work.” John 23:27 (NLT) As many times as a read through the book of John I never picked up on this until the other day. This verse made me think of two things: God has created professions both in ministry and out. Banking, hunting farming etc. That means, (as ...Continue Reading...

Trailing God

Following God is hard at times. Sometimes He will lead you up a hill where there are no stores, no food and no sign that you will be taken care of… and then He provides. Then Jesus climbed a hill and sat down with His disciples around him. Jesus soon saw a huge crowd of ...Continue Reading...

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, the bleakest moment in the Gospel story. Reading the story of Jesus’ arrest, trial and crucifixion today, we have the benefit of knowing that it’s all leading up to the triumph of Easter. But to the Jesus-followers present at the scene, it must have seemed that the world as they knew ...Continue Reading...

Loyalty and Kindness / Individual or brand principle

I’m continually trying new ways to help brands identify, develop and mange there values. These values make up the brands character, dictate employee engagement and become what decisions are based around. Lately I have been meditating on a verse that can work as the 2 primary values for any organization. “Never let loyalty and kindness ...Continue Reading...

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