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Talkable is a reality! (My book)

Today I received prerelease copies of my “first” book, Talkable. I feel like a young kid on Christmas morning. Here is an overview and what a few people have said about it. PS. I’ll be giving away free copies in the weeks ahead. Keep an eye out.  OVERVIEW “Any brand that has become the benchmark ...Continue Reading...


One-time events cause overnight chatter. But by the morning it’s gone. On the other hand, momentum created through a value driven service and/or product that out performs your competitors puts longevity on that chatter....Continue Reading...

Talkable Legacy

Launch a great product and people say wow, stand for a great cause and people mention your name. But when you make it your brand character to do it repeatedly through the years, you create a loyal base of fans…and maybe even a legacy....Continue Reading...

Internal Breakdowns and bad Talkability!

What happens when employees don’t know the facts? It frustrates the buyers, creates negative word-of-mouth and creates a reputation of distrust. My sister’s boyfriend just started a power washing business. He bought a truck, trailer and a power washer. I was with my cousin and brother this morning. My cousin Jose said that Jason (my ...Continue Reading...

Free prerelease copy of my book, Talkable

As most of you know I have written my first book, Talkable, Building your brand from the inside out, which will be released in August (to the public). But for my avid readers and supporters, you can get it now. There will not be a big ad campaign or an Oprah review. So I need ...Continue Reading...

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