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CBA Industry Show


For everyone who was at the CBA Industry show who I told I would follow up with a report, I will but instead of it being on my blog it will be in the CBA Retailer’s+Resources Magazine under the NEW branding column. So please wait. But for now you can use this tips to get started.


1. Print encouraging verses on a small piece of paper with your logo on them and drop them in the bags of every customer.

2. Do what Bob Smith did with the Dentist, bake brownies every morning and bring them in for your customers (for free). You can get them for a buck a box when they’re on sale. For $6 a week you’ll have one of the best returns ever.

3. Paint your interior walls warm colors, burnt oranges or reds. This will warm it up and help relax your customers. Remember what Steve Miller said about the man who would come to sit in the store to get away from the noise of the holidays.

4. Build a community wall with pictures of your clients. You can get a Polaroid, write verses on the bottom or how many books they read this year, you figure it out. Just make it a social hub.

PS These are my friends Stan and Paul.

Clients We Have Helped

  • RZIM
  • Billy Graham
  • ECFA
  • Younglife
  • Moody