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Relational Influence

Time has been blowing by. In the last three weeks I have been hanging out with my daughter Brighton a lot, because my wife Heidi has been taking care of our newborn Canyon. I have watched how the dynamic of my relationship with my daughter has grown. Before this she seems to favor my wife. I can even remember days when I came home that she would say hi and then continue playing. I would have to run over and tackler her with kisses just to get my fix. But now it has been much the opposite.

This is the same with people at church, our brothers and sisters. What if we loved on them, talked to them on a deeper level, spent time with them? We would grow and share memories together that would be ingrained around a positive view of Christ’s love for us.

Have you ever noticed how Jesus sent his disciples out two by two.
If they went along they would never had anyone to share their experiences with. Or how the Israelite army was afraid to fight until the borrowed David’s confidence in God.

If you want to engage and affect the world, start to share life with those around you. 

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