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Great statements from Lausanne NYC (12 Cities 12 Conversations) last night

Louie Giglio Louie Giglio
When you want to reach college students you don’t go to college towns, you go to the cities.

You can strategically reach nations when you target the right cities.

People are waiting for people to look at them, notice them and see them.

Cities are won to Christ by asking the Holy Spirit, recognizing people and serving them.

Recalibration happens when God’s people collaborate.
Tim Keller
Tim Keller

When you care about the Gospel and people you have to care about cities.

We are going to the mat to care for NYC and we are still resident aliens.

The city is a magnifying glass, greatness and darkness is magnified here.

Gabe Lyons
Gabe Lyons

Christians should be showing up in the fabric of society.

Have an optimistic view of the Gospel in mainstream cities.

Don’t be so emerged in media that you lose touch for relationships.

Work together to bring the Gospel. Embodied in everything we do.

When you walk off a subway in NY you realize everyone around you is pushing just as hard as you and it pushes the trends and makes the city influential.

Peter Pretorius Peter Pretorius
It’s not easy, but following Jesus is part of the territory. I had three machine guns to my head.

Momentum starts in the cities. Every large city has influence over the suburbs around it.

If you are passionate about Jesus Christ then people around you should know.

Every prostitute in NY is loved by Jesus Christ. So we should love them too.

Bethany Hoang Bethany Hoang
There is a particular darkness that you find in the city and we are called to engage in it.

Be relentless in perusing the Kingdom.

Explore the city you are in and ask God to see what He sees.

Learn from people who follow Jesus without the crutch of affluence.

Gary Frost Gary Frost
Don’t lose your edge when being emerged in a dark culture.

Don’t water down the Gospel to be relevant.

Rich Van Pelt
Over 50% of the worlds population is under 18 years old.

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