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Movement Recipe / The Blind Side

Last night I watched an interview on 20/20 with the husband and wife who took the now NFL Baltimore Ravens player, Michael Oher in when he was 15 and homeless.

The interviewer asked a question that grabbed me: “Who benefited more, your family or Michael Oher?” Mrs. Tuohy quickly responded, “We did.” She went on to explain how their house was always buzzing with people who wanted to help. She described it as “communal.”

My mind quickly broke this up into a classic portrayal of a great movement:
Michael Oher: The cause
Mrs. Tuohy: The champion (leader) of the cause
The school: The support team
The goal: A better life

Once a champion grabs a cause, it has a higher likelihood of succeeding, because there are lines of people waiting to follow something great. God put it in our veins.

It’s a real simple equation: The greater the cause… the more challenging the effort to succeed… the greater the leader backing it… the more engaged the people are to help.


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PS. Movements are rarely preplanned.

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