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Shaping the world starts with YOU!

Culture is adapted from micro-movements and micro-movements are created by storytellers, artists, musicians, motocross riders, programmers, dancers and snowboarders.

Like a small spark that sets a rain forest a blaze these movements start with one commonly small thing, unhired leaders who have a hatred for the ordinary and a passion to tweek style that identifies the group.

Think of all the male skaters who started wearing tight girl pants years ago. Then it was just a few. Now it is common practice for the mainstream.

PS. Culture is not created by rules, culture is not created by legislation, culture is not created by the majority. But it’s started by YOU, the one who just can’t take what the rest of the world is settling for.

Clients We Have Helped

  • RZIM
  • Billy Graham
  • ECFA
  • Younglife
  • Moody