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Who is real these days?

My wife and I watched Batman recently. What I noticed is a huge progression in authenticity. The plot of the story compared to the majority of action movies and past Batman movies was very believable and down to earth. Or at least for Hollywood.

I believe this is because they know that this current generation is craving realness. In the last five years scripted shows have been thrown out the window and reality tv has replaced it. Blogs, forums and social networks have become a place for global interaction and thought. No where in history have we had access to this much information and it has made people very skeptical for wolfs in sheep’s clothing

This hugely effects Christians and the church. People these days are so use to fake people and flossy fronts that they want to see realness before they even listen. They want to see that people bleed or aren’t afraid to die for what you believe in. Not preach sacrifice then sell out for some quick cash.

Coming from a background of dope pushers, druggies and thieves I not only understand this but have lived it. Before becoming a Christian and now I have only let close people who are real, authentic and are fighting for something that is bigger then just one person.

My final words:
For the Christian organization, are you providing Christ in a real way to a hungry generation that needs you?

For the church, are you preaching what you don’t live?

For the Christian, have you sapped the name of Christ by the life you live?

For the person who has been hurt by the Christian front… Sorry we may let you down but your job is to take your eyes off us and place them on God through the manual.

He will not disappoint.

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