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Rage, the brand buster! (Verizon & AT&T)

Rage is an attempt to gain control, but in reality it is an indicator showing that someone is out of control.

I’m not sure if the rest of the world sees it. But in the Northeast, Verizon and AT&T are in a toe-to-toe battle. This includes commercials, print ads, and I think radio. It started off with Verizon being vague and has turned into a full blown brawl. AT&T has even hired Luke Wilson to be their face in leading the retaliation on Verizon.

At first I was glad to see AT&T stand up to the bully campaign Verizon launched. But over the past few months I noticed how sick of it I am.

I believe the only winner that will come out of this is Sprint (and maybe T-Mobile). Sprint is staying out of the “feature” conversation and focusing on character and innovation.

Here it is in short:
Verizon: We have more coverage on our map than AT&T
AT&T: Our map downloads faster than Verizon
Sprint: Innovation today, 4G (i.e. we are cool and will be around for a while)

My conclusion is that when two brands engage in hand-to-hand combat over features on the world’s stage, their leaders have lost focus and their brand value will soon decrease until they are just a supply provider.

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