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Strategic Design Thought

Matchstic This is for you guys who realize I tend to talk about the Lord more then design or brand development.

Today Blake Howard the creative director for Matchstic blogged on Honest Feedback. (They help some Christian organizations like Compassion International.)

He inserted a quote I emailed him that was my feedback on a Strategic Brand Document he asked me to critic. After I read this, coming back from him, I though how this could help all the designers out there.

Here is a snip it…

“Honest feedback. That’s really important, and only a few real friends can offer that. That’s just what I received from a newly formed acquaintance via email…

Guy puts it this way, “The main problem with design without research is that the client believes they are the target and if they like it, it must be right. The challenge it to convince the client that they are not the target and then define who is and what are the motivating buying decisions both emotional and logical that are made before a sale happens.”

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