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A bowl of soup with the one I love

Today was great, I saw God work and I loved it so much.

I have been having a financially hard time the last few
months. They have been extremely painful but God has used them to teach me.

The other day I was talking to God about the situation in
great aguish. Because I know that if God didn’t show up I had know one to turn

But he did under crazy circumstances. Yesterday I had
someone close gift me money without me asking or did I tell them what was going
on. My wife was cleaning and found two checks. One was a tax check from 06 that
was a large amount. The tax check was so old it could not be cashed. Last night
I told my wife I would try to call and work it out. Today (before I called) we
received in the mail a new one from the government stating that they noticed we
haven’t cashed the check and gave us a new one.

I have failed in these situations before. I have depended on
other things but the Lord. All I had this time was Him. And I was reminded that
if I had to give it all up for Him I gladly would. Because a bowl a soup with
God in the wilderness is better then steak with the president at White House. 

PS. Enjoy His work, somewhere in the mid-west.

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